Tuesday, 29 December 2020

New year, it’s time to bring new atmosphere into your home!

Do more activities that can bring positivity into your life from now. Maybe many people will choose to be healthier or more productive in this year. How about your home?

You can make new atmosphere that more interesting and fresher into our home.

Here some easy and simple way to make our home more interesting in this new year :

1.      Rearrange the layout of home furniture

Easiest way to make different look of a room is rearrange furniture in home. Like move or change the position of sofa or table.

2.      Use flower or small plants to decorate room

A bunch of colourful flowers that is put in a vase will affect the appearance of a room. A room will look prettier and fresher.

3.      Throw away unnecessary stuffs

Sort the needed and unnecessary stuffs will make room wider and cleaner.

4.      Install curtain on the window

Curtain become focal point in a room, therefore curtain will make a room look different and interesting.