Thursday, 26 November 2020

Bedroom is a private area in a house where we can express ourself freely. Sometimes bedroom is not only a place to take rest, but you can also make your bedroom as a place to play, study and more. With that function, a bedroom must have to make you feel comfortable. You can decorate your bedroom to be more interesting and according to your desire.

Sometimes we realize that needs to redecorate our bedroom. But, apart from time, cost and idea is our main obstacle that we often faced.

Here’s some idea to decorate your bedroom without “Over Budget” :

1.    Add some wallpaper

Using wallpaper is more efficient and cheaper than using paint. Wallpaper can be a great solution when you want to decorate your room instantly. Nowadays, there are many choices of wallpaper so you can choose pattern and colour that suitable to you room theme.

2.    Change your furniture

Rather than buy new furniture, you can try to change your furniture, lika paint or add some wallpaper to your wardrobe or your bed.

3.    Tidy up your things

Choose and aside things that no use, then make a storage to be more tidy. Your room will be look wider and neater.

4.    Curtain Accents

Curtain affects to ambience in the room, because a big portion of window overing can seize the viewer attention. Nowadays. Curtain have many types and motifs. You can play with neutral colour even outstanding colour.

Happy Decorating!