Monday, 16 November 2020

Room with high temperature will make us uncomfortable. Even indoor or outdoor, we will still feel hot when its summer. Fan and air conditioner indeed will bring coolness in house when its dry season, but that way will make our electricity bills swell and at the end will make your monthly expenses more than usually. Here’s some tricks that you can try to make your house not that hot.

1.     Let the door and window open

When its hot, we usually close the door. Actually it will make our room temperature hotter. Open the door and window will keep the air circulation good. Fresh air that come into will make the room cooler.

2.     Multiply green plants

Planting plants either in the front yard or backyard can keep your house cool during the dry season, because plants will provide oxygen that will make our house cooler. Plants can also filter dirty air and make air dust free.

3.     Use dark colored curtains

Dark curtains will really help to block sunlight directly. Curtains have function for isolate the room against reflection from outside. For curtains, you can choose blackout fabric, this kind of fabric can block all the sunlight.

4.     Lamp usage

The role of the lamp in a room is not just provide light, but also provide hot air. Especially if we let the lamp lights all day. It will make the room hot and make us uncomfortable. You can reduce hot air by avoid using lamp continuously and change to energy saving lamps.