Monday, 30 March 2020

Traditional blinds normally only have one layer. However, rainbow blinds incorporate two layers of fabrics. These two layers are often made up of polyester and one perforated material. The fabrics can be adjusted to let in your desired amount of natural light. The result is a unique consolidation of horizontal and roller blinds function into a single form.

A simple pulling of the strings to close up space between two fabrics allows you total control in terms of the natural light and heat that comes into your room. It keeps your room cooler for longer and saves your energy and cost. If you prefer total privacy, you can also adjust your rainbow blinds to ensure that the perforated areas are totally obscured.

Rainbow blinds require minimal upkeep. All you need is a cleaning cloth or a brush and you can dust off the accumulated dirt. They are quiet durable too. The premium quality brands are known to last a very long time.